Support & Donate

Until the new school is built, 100% of the money raised will be channeled to deliver the new school project. With initial estimates indicating that we will need to raise at least £5.5M to build and equip the school, every penny counts.

Over £0.4m has been committed to the project to date by the Bestic Trust in purchasing the site, appointing consultants and obtaining detailed planning permission. The task of raising the remaining monies is now underway.

The fundraising challenge

Most of the new schools built in the UK in the last decade have been commissioned as a result of the 'Free School' initiative where local authorities and third parties have come together to increase school provision in a developing area.

The business of replacement of an existing school does not fit clearly into current policy or schemes available in education to obtain capital funding. In 2020 the Prime Minister committed to bringing about a new ten-year school rebuilding programme citing the need for more environmentally sustainable buildings and the boost that will provide in creating highly skilled jobs in the construction sector. 50 projects have already been identified and some are scheduled to start in September 2021.

Qualification for this initiative is not currently available through application, projects are being selected, on a perceived need basis, by the DfE.

How will it be raised?

Given the uncertain nature of public finance, The Bestic Trust together with the Acorn Multi Academy Trust (Acorn MAT) will work together to raise the money to build and commission the new school by seeking both public and private capital.

Whilst it may not be possible to raise all of the funds required from the public purse the forward thinking and sustainable nature of this project will attract sufficient monies from national organisations, sponsors, benefactors and members of the community to make it a reality.

The role of the Acorn MAT

Funded directly by the Government an Academy Trust is a charitable body which has entered into an agreement with the Secretary of State for Education to run a school or number of schools.

Mrs Ethelston's CofE Primary Academy is part of the Acorn Multi Academy Trust which by virtue of its status can apply for any funds that may be available from both central and local governmental to enable the new school to be built.

The Acorn MAT has played a key role in making the case for a new school when lobbying local MP's to support the project throughout the planning process whose continued support in Westminster will be key to achieving success when bidding for public funds.

The role of the Bestic Trust

To date the Bestic Trust has been able to contribute in the region of £0.4M to purchase the site for the new school, instruct consultants and secure detailed planning permission. This includes savings achieved through Trustees being heavily involved with the planning process. It is currently focused on securing sufficient funds to make a meaningful start on site necessary to secure the planning permission in perpetuity.

The Bestic Trust will be working with the Acorn MAT to obtain sufficient funding to meet any shortfall after applications for capital have been made to central and local government. By engaging with national organisations, sponsors, benefactors and members of the community we will jointly take the project forward.

For the areas of the site such as the multi-use games area and hall that will be available for community use outside school hours, the Trust will work with local organisations to formulate bids for funding for these areas.

Show your support

Your support is important to the success of the project however big or small. Whether it is volunteering, supporting a fundraising event or leaving a legacy there are a number of ways you can show your support.