The Trust

The Bestic Trust, promotes education in the parish of Uplyme primarily by supporting the needs of Mrs Ethelstons CE Primary School and promoting life long learning.

Our History

Founded in 1854 the trust was created by the Reverend Ethelston, rector of Uplyme who decided to erect a building in his wife's memory to house the existing school.

Opened in 1873, a year after Reverend Ethelston's own death, the school continues to proudly carry her name - Mrs Ethelston's, and the trust continues to manage the buildings. Over half a century later, in 1946, a bequest by the Reverend Bestic secured the future of the trust, and his name added to the trusts full title - the Ethelston and Bestic School Foundation.

Our Vision

We believe in

  • a school founded on our core Christian values of love, peace, perseverance, friendship, good choices and celebrating life.

  • developing each child spiritually, morally and socially within a Christian context, helping each child to consider their own attitudes, values and beliefs and understand the way their actions impact on others.

  • forging a partnership with parents, the local parish and the wider community, working together to enable children to grow creatively and to achieve their best in a happy and secure Christian environment.

  • the ability to understand, accept, respect and celebrate diversity.

Supporting Education

For over 160 years, the Bestic Trust has managed to fund and continuously support education in the parish of Uplyme through:

  • providing the school site & buildings

  • funding the outdoor classroom on the new school site

  • working with the community to create the school garden

  • contributing funds to specific projects identified by the school including essential maintenance, classroom assistants and specialist equipment

  • working with other education providers in the wider community

Our Future

Education has changed enormously since the Bestic Trust was established but the vision set nearly two centuries ago by Reverend Ethelston still holds.

As education practices change, our Victorian School can no longer be adapted to support the diversity of the curriculum or the growing population. Just as Reverend Ethelston did we are proud to spearhead the commissioning of a new school that fully meets the needs of the community, meets the highest environmental credentials and most importantly provides the very best learning opportunities for future generations of children.